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Earning Income from Your Website

Affiliate Marketing and PPC Advertising Explained

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Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and PPC are terms often credited with the making of thousands of overnite, internet millionaires. Do some searches for those terms and you surely will come up with many pages of results on any search engine. You will find sites that are simple, one page “Sales Letters” with a limited time offer to purchase the system that will make you thousands, to some very straight-forward informational sites on how to benefit from these online money making schemes. This article will attempt to clear the air for the uninitiated and make some legitimate recommendations for successful income enhancement. We will also provide links to proven effective affiliate and PPC marketing programs.

Why Market for Others?

There are many reasons why websites are created. A lot of websites, of course, are geared toward promoting a specific company or business. At first glance, these types of sites may seem to be unsuitable for affiliate and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising programs. However, it is not uncommon for business websites to include a series of articles, helpful hints, related link pages, and other ancillary website features to encourage repeat visitors, improve search engine listings, and, ideally, enhance the visitor conversion rate. These techniques are useful, and will help to increase search engine traffic. The direct conversion rate, however, may still remain fairly low. Even one percent of 300 monthly visitors you may not have gotten otherwise is useful. Affiliate marketing PPC campaigns offer an opportunity for you to earn some income from the ninety-nine percent of customers who may appreciate your website and your informational offerings, but may not ever become direct customers of yours.

There are also quite a large number of websites dedicated to certain hobbies or special interests. These are generally maintained by afficianados and are non-profit in nature. Affiliate Marketing and PPC advertising offer a way to help support these endeavours. With the current levels of competition in the web hosting industry, even a modestly successful campaign can at least pay the cost of maintaining such a website. Not-For-Profit organizations can also supplement their income by hosting affiliate ads and PPC ads on their websites.

It also seems, at times, that there are an unfortunate number of websites that were put together strictly to host affiliate ads and PPC ads. I recently visited a website that claimed to be an online shopping mall. Taking the links to pages like “Jewelry”, or “Leather Goods”, all I found were pages full of affiliate banners and links. At least they were categorized! Many sellers of “Turnkey Websites” will tell you this is a sure fire way to make thousands monthly. However, it is prudent to note that:

  1. Search Engines typically ignore affiliate links. Their business is based on the satisfaction of the users of their service. Sites that are thin on real content will have a difficult time getting high search rankings.
  2. Even when creating a high-quality, legitimate website, it can take one to six months of link trading, search engine submissions, frequent updating of content, and even offline marketing to develop a regular flow of targeted traffic.
  3. Even a simple site can require from several hours to several days to fully implement.
If this is something you aspire to do, be prepared to put in a good deal of work and time, and to wait for sometime to see results. In order to earn a substantial income this way, you will probably find it neccessary to maintain several such “built to host ads” websites.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The term affiliate marketing means an advertising program where you place a link or banner ad on your website. When people click through these ads and make a purchase, the owner of the website hosting the ad is given some sort of a commission, either a flat rate or a percentage of the expenditure. The challenge of this type of revenue generation is that people must actually take action, or buy something in order for the website owner to get paid. This type of campaign can be very effective for a website that is geared toward shopping, i.e.: a place people are coming to when they are actually ready to buy a certain type of product or service.

There are a number of affiliate brokers on the web today. One such company, is called LinkShare. This company acts as a go-between for web publishers and companies wishing to take advantage of affiliate marketing opportunities. This company has been in business for nearly ten years, and is highly recommended. You can choose from a myriad of companies, large and small, to place ads on your website. A website devoted to pet owners or dog afficianados, for example, can choose to host ads from PetSmart. You may use the link below to sign up today.

Click here for free LinkShare Membership

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. Put simply, if one of these types of ads is clicked, the advertiser pays a bounty for that click, whether the visitor makes an actual purchase or not. The most popular program of this type is called “Google Adsense”. This program actually uses Google search technology to determine the most relevant types of ads to display on a site in real time, and displays text based ads. Website owners hosting these ads can choose a layout scheme for the ads, and serve ads that look just like a part of the website hosting them. This feature helps improve click throughs by presenting ads in subtle, fully integrated form. Like the mute button for TV commercials, many internet users will ignore any banner ads they see. The textual nature of Google ads and the precise targeting will lead to a comparatively high click-through rate. Use the link below to add this successful advertising program to your website today.

One question that comes up with Google ads is, “Won't this precise targeting have me sending qualified leads to my competitors?” With Google ads, you have the option to filter out ads from companies to whom you do not wish to send traffic.

How Can I Get Started With This Revenue Stream on my Website?

If you have a website, it is only a matter of using the above links to sign up for a program and to determine where on your website you wish to place the ads. A business website may not wish to place ads immediately on the main page or pages of their site, but if they have an article archive, or a links page, or some other type of ancillary info pages, those could be just the place to put your affiliate ads and PPC ads. It is believed that ads placed toward the top of a page, or “Above the Fold” are very effective. For readers of English and other left-to-right languages, ads in the right hand column have been proven to be effective.

If you do not yet have a website, but have a good concept for one, you can click on the banner below to get started today. The hosting program includes domain registration, hosting for several sites, ample disk space, 24/7 customer support, and costs only seventy five dollars per year. The package includes several web page templates and an online editor. You can create your own website as easily as creating a Myspace or Tripod DIY style site, only without banners, popups, etc. The only ads on your site will be the ones that you are earning the revenue from.


Affiliate marketing and PPC advertising may not be an internet “Road to Riches”, but they can certainly help to offset the costs of maintaining your website. Depending on the nature of your site and visitors, you may pleasantly discover that affiliate marketing or PPC advertising add a substantial supplement to your current income. Visit us again soon as we will be adding more links to affiliate programs and advertising schemes to help you earn income from your website.

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