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Get Ready for Google

Search Engine behemoth Google is widely perceived as THE search engine to get your listing into. Their success is mainly due to the quality of search results they present to web users. In keeping with their mission to serve only useful and quality pages to their users, Google provides very strict guidelines as to how to structure your website, and how and when to submit it to them.

There is also a good deal of information about their ranking criteria they keep confidential. This is to prevent people from manipulating search results, or making a site appear, in a search engine program's evaluation scheme, very relevant to topics it really isn't. Some may remember the internet of 5-8 years ago, when sites that seemed like little more than a long mish-mash of keywords would appear on page one of search results. When users got to those sites, they found only a few banners, that if clicked, presumably, the site owner was getting paid. Search Engine companies have gotten wise to these tricks, and implemented human review of sites and better computerized detection of these types of tactics.

What Can I do to Get On Google?

The title of the page that appears in the top bar of the web browser is something that the web designer can control, and something that is considered in search ranking of your website. The descriptive blurb that appears in your search engine listing is also a consideration. These elements are part of what is known as "META TAGS". You can see them on any website by the View Source or View Page Source menu on your browser window. Meta Tags are something that have been abused in the past, so they are not given the relevancy weight they once were, but there are Meta Tags that do help search engines to properly classify and index your website. If you View Source on your website and do not see Meta Tags, you need to have a serious talk with your webmaster.

The actual text of your page is also very important. Creating it is both art and science. A certain amount of repetition of your keywords will help to attract a higher search ranking. Over doing it can make it appear that you are creating a low quality page that is only trying to get hits for a certain keyword. This could actually result in your site being banned from Google or other search engines. While considering all this, you must also consider your audience. The text needs to be lively and motivate people to act. You need to cater to people who are beginning initial research into your goods or services, and those who are ready to pick up the phone and "Buy Now". Effective promotional Copywriting requires a "knack" and lots of dedication and practice. You may wish to hire a professional to handle this aspect of your website.

Google SiteMaps

Google also has a program called "Google Sitemaps". A Google SiteMap is a specially formatted data file that resides on your server and provides information to help the Google Search Engine programs explore and index your site. It is something that most visitors to your site will never see. And it is not pretty. The Google sitemap simply tells the Google Search Program what the pages on your website are, how often they update, and other information. Chicago Creative Design insures that all of our client websites have a Google sitemap and that it is properly submitted. Ask your webmaster where your Google sitemap can be found. It should look something like the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <urlset xmlns=""

What is the Google Sandbox?

Many people who have spent months and months waiting for a new site to appear on Google, have formulated the idea that there is some sort of policy on the part of the Google Search company, that sites will not be listed at all unless they have been online for a certain length of time. The experience of Chicago Creative Design tells us that:

Is Google the Only Answer?

There are literally hundreds of search engines on the internet. Some are better than others. Some focus on a certian niche or special interest. Some weight the Meta Tags highly, while others may weight the page title or the text of the page more. Focusing all of your efforts and tailoring your pages to be number one on Google, may effect your ranking on other search sites. One recent survey determined that women in the US tend to prefer Yahoo!, while men in the US tend to prefer Google for their web search. These types of factors are all things to consider when working on your search engine marketing campaign. Like all marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing is both art and science, with a healthy helping of psychology added.

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