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Internet Marketing with Online Classifieds

Online Classifieds are a resource widely available on the web, and frequently they are free. Often, when I am searching on a particular business-related subject, a classified page or two with ads for those types of businesses show up within the first three pages. Viewing client traffic logs, I tend to find a number of referrals from classified sites every month.

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Focused Targeting

Your website should be geared to people who are at all levels of the purchase decision-making process. You will get people at your site who are just discovering that your specialty within a broader business class exists. As an example, someone searching for "Fitness Classes", will tend to go to sites about weight training, personal trainers for hire, running, or Yoga, among others. Then they will start to look more into one of those topics, such as Yoga. They will find sites about Kundalini Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Bikram Yoga, along with some hybrid or related exercise forms like Pilates and Tae-Bo. By the time they feel they are able to come to an educated decision, they will be led to your site, an Ashtanga Yoga trainer, and they will be ready to sign up for your next class or call for a private training sesssion. In contrast, when people are perusing classifieds, they are much closer to the "pick up the phone" phase of the buying process.

How They Work

When you select any "Post An Ad" link, you are taken to a page with a form. Usually they will ask you to complete some sort of registration process. Many sites will offer you an option to pay for preferred placement. You will likely be asked to provide an email address and a user name and password, or set up some sort of account. This is usually to allow you to edit, renew, or delete your ad at a later time. Then you are taken to a form to enter your actual ad, including a headline, the body of your ad, and contact information. Many sites also offer an option to "privatize" your email. We highly recommend that you choose this option. If they have a seperate field for a web address and you have a website, enter it. Otherwise, be sure to include your web address in the body of your ad.

Writing Classifieds

The PT Barnums of the world tend to say that people are like sheep and want to be told what to do. I am not that jaded, but will say it is better to say "Call Us Today for the Best Price on Widgets" rather than "We Can Give You the Best Deal on Widgets". Be definite and firm. This instills confidence. Use words like "will" and "do", instead of words like "can". Describe your services or products succintly. Encourage people to act. If people feel they are still wanting to research their buying decision, they can visit your website for detailed, ornate, and in-depth descriptions. Better yet, they can call you.

Go Easy on Yourself

Considering the vastness of the web, one could easily become inundated and overwhelmed with passwords, accounts, links, and sites to check on. Here are a few tips to make classified use easier for you:

Start Posting!

Finally, we have come up with a list of classified sites with direct links for you to start posting your online classifieds now. We will make changes to this list as we find other sites that may be of interest. The links to your website from the classified sites will help boost the link popularity of your website, and therefore, your search engine placement. Our most successful website clients are those who take advantage of the numerous free online resources like classifieds, link trading, and directory listings.

Classified Sites


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